Upcoming Events

Mar 23
On March 25, 1911, a terrible fire, and what would become known as one of the deadliest industrial disasters in our country, engulfed three floors of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory.
Mar 29
The anti-union judicial threat is upon us. We need to approach this with the same urgency as we do when we are organizing a non-union employer. What do many of the best member engagement models have in common?
Apr 12
How do we have effective conversations and measure our effectiveness? We will drill down into the fundamentals of one-on-one and member-to-member conversations. We will discuss various ways and techniques to map your membership, and to track and analyze the data.
Apr 12
Apr 13
New York’s original organizing training event is coming up. It’s the best place for high quality training in: Digital best practices for communicators and organizers Grassroots fundraising Integrating offline with online tactics
Apr 19
A monthly meeting of the Delegates to the New York City Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO
Apr 26
We know we have to talk about Janus with our members. But what do we say and how do we communicate it? We will discuss both the fundamentals of crafting a powerful message about Janus, and the variety of tools—from printed materials to emails to social media.
May 10
Anti-labor organizations throughout the country are behind the Janus case, and are raising money to persuade our members to drop their Union membership. We will look at their history, practices and messaging and make a plan to inoculate our members and community against the attacks.
May 17
A monthly meeting of the Delegates to the New York City Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO
May 24
The people hired today will shape our movement’s future. We will explore the importance of New Hire orientations in fostering close and on-going relationships with members.